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I met Nick via Instagram - the way all good relationships start these days. Nick had been using one of our original Bare Bones wallets and contacted me via Instagram telling me how much he loved it (can’t blame him). In using it, he’d come up with some ideas of how we could tell our story in some short videos (cause that’s what Nick does. He’s a filmmaker).

We hadn’t really made any videos for Bare Bones before, so I wanted to let Nick do his thing and tell the story his way. I couldn’t have been happier with how Nick captured our philosophy of ‘Keep it Simple’ and ‘Enjoy the Good times’.

To me, Nick’s style is really personal, adventurous and authentic. I thought it’d be great to ask him a few questions about his work, his process and what’s next.


Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you based? What gets you out of bed? What Netflix series are you addicted to?

I’m currently in a pretty small town called Berowra, about 50 minutes North of Sydney’s CBD. It’s hugged by the bush and has some views to die for. No joke.

To get me out of bed it takes a perfectly brewed coffee and many kisses from my dog. Other than that, it motivates me that I get to work with inspiring people and that I have been gifted with a life that is so full of awesome opportunities. The best advice I was ever given was to take every opportunity I could. Believe it or not I don’t watch as much Netflix as I probably should - although, I did get into Prison Break for a while.

Can you tell us a bit about how you got started with Filmmaking and the first video you put together that you were really happy with.

At an early age I recorded video, but it was no more than clips of ‘this and that’, it wasn’t until this idea of combining clips to create a living memory did filmmaking truly begin. Every single video I make represents a little part of me, a memory, a good time.

The first video I was happy with was one I did for a school project back in the day, but now it becomes harder and harder to become satisfied with what I can produce. Maybe I’m too critical, but that’s how you learn. Resilience is key.

Who inspires you in your filmmaking? Do you find inspiration in feature length films? YouTube? TV?

I spend most of my entertainment hours on YouTube, for me it has the most authentic creators. People that do it for the love of creating - not money, which includes people like Simon Cade, Justin Kaminuma and Nainoa Langer.

Although feature length films are my favourite form of date night, I often find myself too captivated by the story to think of inspiration!

Thongs or Crocs?

Its got to be thongs. There’s nothing more Aussie than strolling the beach boulevard on a scorcher of a day in thongs that have become one with your sunburnt feet.

(That’s the right answer. Crocs is always the wrong answer - Paul)

What does your creative process look like when you start a new project for a brand like Bare Bones?

Before I even think of drawing a storyboard or touching a camera I spend hours studying the brand to find its character and uniqueness. I find this makes the projects less like advertisements and more like stories. It makes them personal. People like personality.

Then I form concepts, find locations to shoot, film... But then I edit, and I sit down at my computer in front of my wall covered in polaroids from moments I’ve had with great people, and slowly piece together a story for a brand where I will hopefully encapsulate what their message is all about! I love every aspect of it.

Dream shoot : Location / Subject / Gear

At the moment I miss skiing. So for today's mood it would be:
Niseko Ski Resort, Japan.
Best mate and talented skier, Jay Campbell.
Run and gun - Sony A6500 with Rode Videomic Pro and GoPro HERO 5.

If you were a software, what would you be?

Music expresses what can’t be spoken so it’d have to be Ableton Live, my friend Maxwell Young, uses it to create awesome music and at only 17 years of age he is killing it!

Tell me about a recent adventure you had that has stuck with you ie, some ‘good times’.

The best adventure I had was the Adventure Training Award in Singleton Army base over 8 days, it’s the highest achievable attainment for an Army cadet, so the moments from that experience will stick with me for life. Although, every time I leave the house I try make it into an adventure of sorts, and it definitely helps when you have a camera in hand!

What’s coming up this year? Anything you can show us?

Well I have work with brands lined up and in April I will be headed to New Zealand, the “postcard country”. I will be filming. Unfortunately that’s all I can say for now and all I can show is a video I put together for the end of 2016.

Favourite movie that you don’t want to admit. (Mine is ‘The Proposal’ - I’ve got a thing for Ryan Reynolds)

Cars… or maybe just any Pixar movie! 

Check out Nick here :

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Big thanks to Nick for being so supportive of Bare Bones. Thanks Nick!

Stay tuned for more Stories.



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