Simplify in 2016

We’re past new year's resolutions and we’ve probably given up already. I mean, it’s February. If you've manage to keep the charade up this long, then you’re incredible.

Instead of adding grand plans to my 2016, I’ve decided I wanted to simplify. Here’s three ways I’m keeping it simple in 2016.


Over the holidays I locked my iPhone, turned it on silent, put it in the cupboard and walked away. I then raced back annoyed at myself over how stupid I’d been. What was I thinking?! I decided to strike a happy medium and just not look at any social media for a two days. Not even once.

I realised I’d been checking my phone constantly. Mostly without even thinking what I’m doing. No one wants to be that guy. So, if it didn’t ring, I didn’t touch it (the phone that is).

The obvious thing happened - since I wasn’t checking my phone so often, I was able to enjoy the moment I was in right then. Imagine that! Without constantly interrupting myself with photos of how much fun others were having, I was forced to focussed more on what I was up to and things actually became more enjoyable. Go figure.


I run my own business. I’m married with kids. I have hobbies. I have a tendency to say “Yes” to everything cause I have debilitating need to be loved and accepted by everyone at the expense of my own well being … let’s pretend you didn’t read that last part.

In order to make sure that I don’t go insane I needed to find more space in my life. I realised, to do that, I had to say “No” more often (and be ok with people hating me). By saying “No” I give myself time and space to say “Yes” to the things I want.

Like Pizza. I’ll always say “Yes” to pizza.


For Christmas, my wife bought me ‘The Life-changing Magic of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo. Not just because I (probably) need to do more housework, but because the ethos of the book is about getting your ‘house in order’. Once you’ve got your house in order, Marie says, you will feel at peace and find space in your life to do the things you love.

I’ve started ruthlessly going through my cupboards and possessions and discarding items - if something doesn’t bring me joy and isn’t a necessity, it has to go. It was hard at first, but I’ve found it to be, as the book title says, life changing. Hopefully someone will find enjoyment in 200 copies of my old band's album ...

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